My Locker raises their bottom line with organic content and strategic marketing

My Locker is an e-commerce store that allows you to design and purchase school-branded apparel, clothing, gear and accessories. They provide high-quality products from leading brands such as Nike, Adidas and Gildan that buyers can customize with their school branding.
The team at My Locker aimed to increase online sales and organic search rankings for relevant search terms, while being cost-effective. To achieve their goals, they focused on increasing their content creation and website landing pages. Their priority was to see results quickly without compromising their budget.
Using blended data from Google Analytics, Search Console and SEMRush, data was analyzed to create a content roadmap that prioritized topics based on keyword research which showed which subjects had the most business value. The existing landing pages’ SEO metadata was then optimized and new landing pages were created that were supported by market-informed content briefs. This process enabled effective market-informed content creation to scale hundreds of landing pages.
With the creation of over 300 highly targeted and optimized landing pages, the business experienced remarkable growth in revenue, traffic, and conversion rate. This success is a testament to the effectiveness of a well-planned and executed SEO strategy, and highlights the potential for businesses of all sizes to see significant results through effective optimization.
Increase in Organic Search Revenue compared to previous year
Increase in Organic Search Clicks compared to previous year
Increase in Conversion Rate compared to previous year
We partnered with Piper to improve our eCommerce business and the results have been fantastic. We’ve seen significant growth in our website traffic and revenue. We’re thrilled and looking forward to our long-term partnership!