Organic content strengthens CLIF BAR’s brand awareness and conversion rates

Founded in 1992, CLIF BAR specializes in creating and manufacturing energy bars that provide an optimal blend of nutrition and energy. They have several sub-brands, such as LUNA and CLIF KID to appeal to multiple audiences and are very environmentally minded with many eco-friendly initiatives.
CLIF BAR wanted to increase their brand awareness by highlighting their sponsored athletes – so the content had to be engaging but also accurate to the sportsperson’s profile. Many third-party teams were involved in this project, making effective project management essential for success.
The project began with extensive keyword research to identify the most searched and relevant questions related to Clif Bar’s athletes. Coordination with several athlete public relations was necessary to obtain answers from each sportsperson, which were then used to create a strategy for content publication and reporting.
After implementing a strategy that highlighted their sponsored athletes, CLIF BAR launched 45 athlete profile pages that were both engaging and accurate. The outcome was a significant increase in website traffic and organic traffic. Specifically, CLIF BAR experienced:
Increase in Organic Search Clicks compared to previous year
Increase in Organic Search Impressions compared to previous year
Increase in Conversion Rate compared to previous year
The Piper team was instrumental in helping Clif Bar improve our digital advertising strategy. Their expertise and experience in managing WordPress websites has proven to be invaluable. James and the team at Piper are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing our collaboration!